1stSix Puzzles

"Once the Grand Prix had finished, I was delighted to analyse the games and notice that the participants truly honoured tournament spirit – through interesting moves, competitiveness, and fair play. I was fascinated with the games to the point that I regret that one article is not sufficient to cover all the chess beauty of the Grand Prix."

WGM/FT Aleksandra DImitrijevic 


Puzzle 1

In the diagram position, we can see that material on the board is equal, but white has better king position – black king is still in the centre; also, there is undeveloped black king side; inharmoniously placed black pieces; white has an initiative and the question is – how to transform attack to full point?


Puzzle 2

Once more we can see that because of piece activity white has better position, and at this point grandmasters would probably start to use technique and to realise it. But since we are talking about fast time control which often calls for “take a piece in the hand and make a sacrifice” and question is: Is white going to win or not?


Puzzle 3

When we look on the diagram, we can find mate in two. For whom? For both! This time fortune was on the Black’s side and he had the honour to have the move.



Puzzle 4

During chess game, when we have bad king position and we are up with material, it is good idea to sacrifice something back to an opponent, and improve king safety. Last White move is 22. Kc5-d5. How Black need to continue and win?


Puzzle 5

White has a bad King position – pawn structure around the castle is open, and he come to an idea to exchange Queens and to slow down Black attack. Black on move – where is hiding mate net?


Puzzle 6

White is a piece down, but, hey – White has the move and there is mate in two!


 You may not want to view the solutions before studying the positions and figure them out on your own!