FIDE Online Arena enters a new era

FIDE Online Arena is upgraded with new features and launches a new promotional period for new members joining in until May 31st, 2015.

FIDE Online Arena new features include:

Rating alignment with over the board games.

From January 2015, Arena ratings are calculated to include players' online activity as well as over the board game results. The first day of each month, as soon the traditional FIDE rating lists for rapid and blitz are published, the total over the board rating change is added to (subtracted from) the player's Arena rating. In this way, Arena ratings are upgraded to an official status because they reflect a player's overall activity, online and over the board. Arena ratings shall be used exclusively for online rankings and pairings of official FIDE online tournaments. Calculations of Arena ratings are powered by the advanced PremiumChess technology.

We would like to praise the Premium Chess company for developing this revolutionary technology...
FIDE President, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

FIDE titles for the lower rating band

In order to support the players' private online gaming and the active local chess communities, the top players of which have not reached the traditional Master level, FIDE announces the new Arena titles for the average amateur performance between 1100 and 2000 Elo points. These titles can be achieved online by the members of FIDE Online Arena, and obtained by direct paypal payment without any application from the player's National Federation. The titles of Arena Grand Master, Arena International Master, Arena FIDE master and Arena Candidate Master are the same for men and women, they are registered on the player's profile card on FIDE website, and are recognised to be used also for over the board tournament participation. For more information, click here.

Official FIDE Online tournaments

A series of new FIDE online tournaments are currently being planned for the near future. Our main target is to establish regular annual events such as the FIDE Online Women's World Blitz Championship, the Online Amateur World Championship and the Online Juniors World Championship. These events are going to be held before the end of 2015 for the first time.
FIDE Online Arena is also going to organize special tournaments to determine three qualifiers for the World Cup 2015, which is held in September 2015, in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Final announcements and regulations are expected in the following months. Stay tuned!


Only 15 days have passed after the announcement of FIDE Online Arena upgrade. Already there are players who acquired the new Arena titles:

10 new Arena Grand Masters,
36 new Arena International Masters,
18 new Arena FIDE Masters, and
4 new Arena Candidate Masters

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Official FIDE Online Arena rating lists are currently under development. Meanwhile, here are the top players of the three time control categories.

According to the regulations of the FIDE World Cup (art. 3.1) the FIDE Online Arena will provide 3 qualifiers for the World Cup 2015.
The regulations of these special events are currently being prepared and will be soon announced.

The new FIDE titles are official. These new titles are available to the members of the FIDE Online Arena and can be achieved when a chess player maintains his/her rating above the title's threshold for a certain number of games, in either of the three different time controls, rapid, blitz or bullet. The Arena Grand Master needs a rating over 2000 Elo points, the Arena International Master over 1700, the Arena FIDE Master over 1400, and the Arena Candidate Master over 1100 Elo points. The Arena titles are same for men and women.
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Players, who already have a FIDE ID number, are welcome to create an account with full membership privileges until May 31st, 2015.

Players without a FIDE ID number have to pay the annual subscription fee of 25 euros in order to become full members. In return, their membership will be automatically extended until May 31st, 2016.

FIDE titled players GM/WGM and IM/WIM are entitled a free lifetime full membership upon proof of their identity.

Rating alignment, FIDE titles for Amateur players and online official FIDE tournaments are the new functionality of the FIDE Online Arena